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App - Ouroboros


This is a social app used to contact with your real-life friends and friends’ friends.

It is only can be used when some app user invite you to join. And you two would be direct friends, and inviter’s other friends would become your indirect friends. There is no difference between direct-friends and indirect-friends when your wanna normal interacts, such as sending message, post comment on each other’s post or writing comment on personal pages. But when you become direct-friends you would see each other’s direct-friends. That’s kind of direct-friends’ benefit. And also you can change your direct-friends’ information, such as age and job, etc.

So you can build relationship with your friends’ friends, who maybe you don’t know each other yet. And build your half-open friends’ circle.

Supporting region

It is Support in China only right now. And I am trying to make it support more region.

How can you use it

Firstly, you can only download it in China AppStore. Secondly, you should be invite by someone already use this app, it doesn’t accept self register. After you are invited by your friend, you would receive a SMS message which contains your initial password and download link. Then, you can login and have fun with your friends.

Technical Supporting

If you have any question about “Ouroboros”, you can email to me or leave message with twitter. You can find them in the footer of this web site.