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App - Marker


It is a great App used by some one who loved to record excerpt from book.

It uses OCR to recognize text from photo, and convet to text content and saved in your app.

You can mark some content as excerpt. And you can review those contents whenever you want.

Help you remember the cool words from the book you read.

All data saved in your iCloud. we don’t save any data from you. So you don’t need worry about your personal data could be used by anyone else.

And you can delete all of your data in your iCloud settings.

On the other hand, you can share your data in all of your iOS device. The data would sync between all of your device. That could be very usefull and convenience.


Supporting region

All regions are available

Technical Supporting

If you have any question about “Marker”, you can email to me or leave message with twitter. You can find them in the footer of this web site.