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App - AR-Stickies


AR sticky notes that only you can see.

Create freely, freely place, lock actual scenes, and restore content based on location and scene.

You can place virtual notes in a real scene, save scene information while saving them, and the next time you can restore a previously created note in the same scene in the same place.

This app does not support iCloud sync for the time being, I don’t think this technology is suitable for this app’s scenario. If my assumption is wrong, please leave your suggestion and I will add this feature.

Supporting region

All regions are available

Technical Supporting

If you have any question about “AR-Stickies”, you can email to me or leave message with twitter. You can find them in the footer of this web site.

Privacy Policy

All data saved in your iPhone. You can delete all the data by yourself. We don’t save any data of you.