About Me


This site is all about my creations, such as apps and technic blogs, and also my apps' official support site.

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I'm an experienced full-stack software engineer. Working on software developing more than 10 years at Shanghai of China. When I talk about full-stack, I mean, from product design to publishing App on appStore, such as prototype product design, sometimes I desgin UI, server development, system management, iOS App develpment and production distribution.

If you wanna find a freelancer helping you to implement your idea, feel free to contact me. I will provide consulting service for free, and it's OK you would not let me do the job.

There is contact infomation on the footer of site. Any one is OK. Just let me know your requirement, I would provide professional and quality service for you.

My Primary Skills

  • iOS Development 85%

  • Python Development 70%

  • Erlang Development 60%

  • System Management 80%